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A Thermal Management Company

Press Release

Cirtech Inc., a Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer is the third to License the STABLCOR®

technology from ThermalWorks

Huntington Beach, California, June 15, 2004 – ThermalWorks Inc., announced today

that it has licensed its third Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer, Cirtech, to sell the

STABLCOR® technology.

"ThermalWorks is extremely excited to have a Printed Circuit Board manufacturer with

such a high level of quality, engineering and manufacturing capabilities and industry

reputation as Cirtech, to become a licensee of the STABLCOR® technology" said Don

Roy, Vice President Sales & Marketing, ThermalWorks, Inc.

As a Licensee, Cirtech now has the ability to offer the STABLCOR® technology as a

solution to its customers growing thermal management needs. Cirtech has successfully

integrated the STABLCOR® technology into its existing process, and is ready to

manufacture production quantities.

"We could not be any happier about being a licensee of STABLCOR technology. Our

military customers will benefit greatly from the unique qualities of this laminate for their

demanding designs." said Brad Reese, President, Cirtech, Inc.


STABLCOR® represents a major technological leap in the field of PCB and Substrate

technology. In development for years, STABLCOR® PCB's have been proven in some of

the toughest environments. STABLCOR® began as a NASA funded project and has

been successfully tested in the aerospace and defense industry. STABLCOR® is now

available to a broader market for commercial and mass production products.

STABLCOR® technology actually pulls heat away from the components through the

PCB. The technology has the ability to match the CTE (the Coefficient of Thermal

Expansion) of PCBs and Substrates to large scale BGAs, and WLP (Wafer Level

Packages). The higher stiffness and rigidity of STABLCOR® allows higher yields in

assembly manufacturing and reduction of mechanical reinforcements. This total PCB

and substrate solution increases the overall reliability of the Customer’s product .

ThermalWorks.com 9042 Garfield Avenue, Huntington Beach, CA 92646. (714) 960-5152

A Thermal Management Company

About ThermalWorks

ThermalWorks is an Intellectual Property Company focusing on licensing solutions for

the Packaging, Printed Circuit Board, and Substrates Industries.

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